What do athletes do in their down time? Well something I love to do to relax and have fun after a long day training, is host an old fashion board game night with family and friends!

Charity Op Shops are great places to find inexpensive board games, while supporting a worthy cause. One unique game that also supports charity, and that I happily recommend as a family-friendly favourite is… HorsePLAY.

horseplay3 (1)
What is Susan dreaming about? Photo credit: James Pitman.

An Australian made and award winning product for its revolutionary design and quality, HorsePLAY is an adventure trivia game and coffee table book all-in-one durable and portable box! It features stunning imagery along with entertaining brainteaser questions. Even with my solid horse knowledge I learnt some new interesting facts while playing this game!

The passionate creator of HorsePLAY, Jacqueline Thompson, has her own incredible story of survival to tell, after her life was saved by a brave 13-year-old girl who found her alone, unconscious, and with serious head injuries after falling off her horse in a National Park.

Her young rescuer, Rachel Higgins, called an ambulance and made the life-saving decision not to remove Jacqueline’s helmet, something which the young hero learnt at Pony Club. After waking from a coma, Jacqueline had to re-learn basic things like walking and talking, but thankfully made a full recovery from her injuries.

HorsePLAY game box. Photo credit: HorsePLAY website.

After her near-death experience, Jacqueline has a deep appreciation for organisations such as Pony Club and Riding for the Disabled (RDA) and has generously offered to support my favourite charity The McIntyre RDA Centre.

So, with every HorsePLAY game purchased a $10 donation will be given to The McIntyre RDA Centre or a Pony Club of your choice. To find out more visit the HorsePLAY website and don’t forget to nominate The McIntyre RDA Centre for your charitable donation.

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