Eco Friendly Foods Initiative

The Eco Friendly Foods Initiative or EFFi for short, is a great company producing nutritional snacks as well as supporting philanthropic projects and campaigns. I have always had a keen interest in nutrition and even studied sports nutrition in 2011. Nutrition is a crucial part of sport performance and is also very important for everybodys general health and wellbeing. The benefits of a balanced nutritious diet are the driving force behind the EFFi food’s dream, as experienced by creator Carina Ayden.

Carina suffered serious trauma to her spine at seven years old while training as a figure skater. This left her with chronic pain. Over many years she had to undergo numerous surgeries on her spine and during her time in hospital she learnt about the role of nutrition in medical recovery, which was the starting point of her EFFi foods journey. Read Carina’s full story.

Probiotic Care Bar. Photo credit: EFFi website.

EFFi provides plant-based snacks that meet healthy food standards without sacrificing great taste. I personally love the Probiotic Care Bar as a snack between training sessions. With three flavours to choose from, the Probiotic Care Bar combines fiber, protein, antioxidants, and a non-dairy probiotic that aids in digestion and immunity.

Another favourite of mine is the Probiotic Nut Clusters, which is a grain-less granola mix that uses nuts, seeds, and fruit for their nutritional value and delicious flavour. Plant-based superfood Sacha Inchi is the key protein in EFFi’s Probiotic Nut Clusters, as well as delivering healthy fats, vitamins and fiber.

Probiotic Nut Clusters. Photo credit: EFFi website.

EFFi not only produce great food products, they are committed to sustainability, with all operations of the company guided by the principles of a regenerative, restorative, and circular economy. EFFi also support philanthropic causes in the areas of human rights, the environment, education, and nutrition.

See the full EFFi foods range at their website and learn more about how your purchase helps support people in need.

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