Urban Originals

Bags are a hot topic at the moment. From today the Queensland Government follows other states in Australia by banning single-use plastic bags. This action aims to protect our precious environment and wildlife. According to the Clean Up Australia website, plastic shopping bags take 20 – 1000 years to disintegrate and often end up polluting our waterways and marine environment. They are responsible for killing millions of seabirds and mammals, such as turtles and whales, when they are mistaken as food and swallowed or the animal becomes entangled.

As an animal lover it is so distressing to think how truly harmful our use of plastic bags is to wildlife so I really support the ban and hope we can change those horrible statistics. While on the subject of bags, why not use the ban on plastic bags as an excuse to invest in something really worthwhile and cruelty free like a bag from Urban Originals.

My Way Backpack (vegan leather) by Urban Originals. Photo credit: James Pitman.

Urban Originals provides a diverse range of practical and essential pieces for day-to-day life. Versatile, stylish, and affordable, Urban Original products are environmentally and ethically responsible, and 100% vegan. Designed in Australia, I have absolutely fallen in love with their range which are made using the finest quality vegan leathers and have the PETA stamp of approval.

But, what is Vegan leather? According to the PETA website it is made from polyurethane, a polymer that is extremely multifaceted and completely free of animal products. It also requires less resources, chemicals, and energy to make compared to real leather so is therefore better for the planet.

Lukas Cervenan lcstudio.com.au photography
Out There – Green Tote (grass fibre) by Urban Originals. Photo credit: Urban Originals ebsite.

To replace plastic bags, I would recommend Urban Originals multi-use totes for your daily grocery shop. With a number of beautiful designs to choose from they are made to carry numerous items and contain an internal pocket so you don’t lose your keys, money, and phone at the bottom of the bag. They also have different materials to choose from if you are not keen on the vegan-leather look, go for the more traditional grass fibre tote.

Along with totes, Urban Originals stock beach bags, overnight travel bags, backpacks, lunch bags, crossover bags, clutches, wallets, and functional man bags. Another favourite of mine is the Urban Originals My Way Backpack made from vegan leather with a distinct pebbled texture. This bag is so comfortable to wear and also fits perfectly on the back of my wheelchair. Thus, join me in saying NO to plastic bags and check out the alternatives at Urban Originals where their moto is to choose kindness.