How to love the gym with G-Loves

Struggling for motivation in the gym? Well keep reading because my blog today focuses on local company G-Loves Australia, distributors of gorgeous gym gloves, wrist wraps, weight belts, and studio gloves. There is much debate about wearing gloves in the gym… do they help or hinder? At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. Here I will explain why I am a firm gym glove advocate, especially if the glove fits as well as G-Loves.

Photo credit: G-Loves Australia website.

I have been using G-Loves in the gym for many years now and I absolutely love them. I find G-Loves improve grip, reduce soreness, reduce callouses, and protect my hands. They also look fantastic and come in a huge range of colours and designs to suit your taste, mood, and style! I have used other gloves in the past but found G-Loves to be superior.

Improved Grip

I find that when I have a solid grip, I can lift with more confidence. A lot of weights and bars are rough and uninviting to wrap your hands around, sometimes they put tape on them to provide better grip, but this isn’t always possible when sharing gym equipment and some people are allergic to tape. G-Loves have a specially designed palm with PVC rubberised grip that provides traction on any surface. Made from neoprene G-Loves also adsorb sweat to reduce the chance of slipping during a difficult set. Some people choose to use chalk to prevent slipping, but I find the chalk ends up in places I don’t want it to, like in my hair or on my clothes. One of the main arguments against wearing gloves is that the extra thickness can make it harder to grip, particularly if you have small hands. However, G-Loves are not bulky like other gym gloves. They come in different sizes, so make sure you get the right size for you, which fit snuggly to your hand.

Soreness and callouses

New gym equipment can be very sharp and really cut up your hands, leaving you will sores, callouses, and a bad experience. This can be really off-putting and demotivating for people new to the gym or that go infrequently. G-Loves really do protect your hands and stop them getting ripped up. My hands are extra important to me as a wheelchair user because I rely on them more than normal. Reducing the wear and tear of daily living and keeping them happy and heathy makes a big difference to my life.

Style and other uses

This month we recently celebrated International Women’s day on March 8th, a day were we strive for equality. So it is apt to mention the founder of G-Loves Australia is hard-working small business owner and mum, Kelly Bright. Her motto is to “Lift and Love” in the hopes to inspire and empower everyone especially females to be more active. An unstoppable fitness enthusiast, Kelly has completed in triathlons and iron-man events while passionately compiling an extensive collection of G-Loves. From wonder woman, Maya/Aztec, pop-art, military, neon, animal-prints, skulls, flowers, mermaids, lace, to my favourite purple… there is a style and colour to suit everyone! And of course the boys have not been forgotten, there is also a men’s line. While G-Loves and wrist warps are designed for gym and weightlifting they also have a range of studio gloves with gel padding suited to other adventures like Pilates, yoga, cycling, cross-fit, and wheelchair pushing, so check out the G-Loves Australia website to see the possibilities.

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