Finding Freedom with Cool Crutches

Based in the Untied Kingdom, Cool Crutches is the creation of mother and daughter team, Clare and Amelia. Following a life changing quad-bike accident which left Amelia with a spinal injury, she found the crutches she was forced to use were uncomfortable, unstable, and made a clicking sound everywhere she went (something I can entirely relate too). Out of a need for something better, Cool Crutches was created, combining safety, design, and silence.

Having recently upgraded to a set of purple Cool Crutches, which I absolutely love, I was more than happy to answer a few questions about myself and be featured in an article for Cool Crutches. Please click here to read the Cool Crutches Blog.

So, if you are looking for quiet, fashionable, unique, and just the COOLEST walking aids on the planet, I can highly recommend this wonderful family business.

“I use my crutches daily so they are more to me than just a walking aid, they are my freedom!”

Susan rocking her purple cool crutches. Photo credit: James Pitman.