Accessible Toilet Etiquette

My second blog for Invacare Australia and New Zealand, explores the moral aspects of the question “Is it okay to use the accessible toliet when you don’t have a disability?” I hope this blog will be a conversation starter and create a better understanding of bathroom modifications.

In this blog I argue that without laws to enforce the exclusive use of accessible restrooms for people with a disability, it all comes down to social etiquette and the luxury of choice. 

This topic was surprisingly multifaceted. Many modifications do not cater for a diverse range of disabilities. For example, a person with dwarfism can more easily reach the lower fixtures in the accessible bathroom but the higher toilet seat is problematic. 

Therefore, one could suggest there is an issue of inequality when it comes to some people having the right to choose from multiple facilities. But, a person with a disability often doesn’t have multiple facilities to choose from meaning they are limited by the environment because of their impairment. In my opinion the only way to make things equal is to make all toilets accessible. 

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