Oru Kayak

Susan chooses to paddle Oru kayaks for exciting recreational adventures. The Oru fleet, with their original folding origami design, are the ultimate for portability and innovation. The team behind Oru have a goal of changing the way people connect with water. Susan believes such innovation could make paddling more accessible for people living with disabilities.

Susan taking her Oru Kayak Bay ST out for an adventure.


Living in Australia’s ‘sunshine state’ of Queensland, Susan is very passionate about sun protection and wears SParms on and off the water. Proudly Australian owned and established in 2010, SParms provide innovative solutions in sun safety that minimise environmental impacts. Their high-tech athletic apparel is derived from safe designs that are comfortable, adaptive and sustainable, with the key feature of offering maximum sun protection.

Susan being sun safe wearing her SParms sleeves in white. Photo credit: Alyce Wood.

The Paddle Shop

The Paddle Shop has sponsored Susan from the very beginning of her career. They are Australia’s leading supplier of water craft, paddles, clothing and accessories for outrigger canoes, ocean racing skis, surf skis, SUPs, kayaks, and dragon boats. Susan highly recommends them for their expert knowledge, range, and genuine customer service.

Susan smiling while paddling her V1 at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.
The Paddle Shop and Susan are equally obsessed with all things paddle related. Photo credit: Paralympics Australia.

True Protein

True Protein was created out of a desire to reimagine the supplement market with all-natural protein and authentic, transparent ingredients. Susan is a proud ambassador for True Protein and uses their tasty products to support her elite sporting performances and general health. For a 10% discount use code: SUSAN2020

Susan is a proud ambassador for True Protein. Photo credit: James Pitman.