Susan Seipel is a diverse athlete with a background in swimming, equestrian, and is a triple World Champion and Paralympic Bronze Medalist in Para-canoe.

Susan Seipel proudly represented her country at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games and was the first Australian in history to win a medal in Para-canoe at the Paralympic Games.

Susan Seipel has represented Australia at six ICF World Championships. She has won three Gold medals and one Silver medal for Para-canoe V1 (outrigger canoe) 200m sprint, and three Bronze Medals for Para-canoe K1 (kayak) 200m sprint. She has also achieved Silver and Bronze medals at World Cup level and has won multiple National Titles.

Susan Seipel is also a 3-time National Champion and International Bronze Medalist in the sport of Para-equestrian dressage.

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Susan is currently fundraising to attend international competitions, purchase sporting equipment, and to help with daily training costs. Please make a safe and secure TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to help Susan via the Australian Sports Foundation. International donations can be made with PayPal.

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Photo credit: James Pitman.
Susan is a brand ambassador for Strokeside Designs Australia. Photo credit: James Pitman.
Susan is very proud to be a Paralympian. Photo credit: Brendan Schouten.
Susan is sponsored by True Protein.

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Please contact Susan for all media, sponsorship, and collaboration inquiries.

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Susan is a True Believer ambassador for Lorna Jane. Photo credit: James Pitman.

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